The computer vision community has made impressive progress on object recognition using large scale data. However, for any visual system to interact with objects, it needs to understand much more than simply recognizing where the objects are. In this workshop, our goal is to motivate and discuss what to explore next. Specifically, we will study the representations and algorithms necessary for a system to interact with, and use, everyday objects. This will require substantial progress on many problems related to object understanding. Some examples include finding an object's pose in 3D, interpreting its various states and transformations, and understanding the physics of an object.

This workshop will include experts in a variety of related fields, including vision, robotics, and machine learning, to provide a perspective on the research that exists, and to initiate the discussion for the next big challenges in object understanding. We propose to start this yearly workshop to bring everyone in the field to participate in discussions, and share their latest updates.

Our goal is to advance the fields in several ways. First of all, we aim to provide a yearly summary of new progress in the field through a combination of keynote talks, workshop papers, and a panel discussion. Additionally, we also plan to have a session for invited student talks to give a chance for junior researchers to share their innovations. We will invite and encourage the participation from all related fields including computer vision, robotics, cognitive science, and HCI. This will provide an opportunity to share various perspectives for this exciting research agenda and encourage collaboration among them.

Specifically, the workshop will focus on the following aspects:

Invited Speakers

Alyosha Efros

Abhinav Gupta

Yann LeCun

University of California - Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon University
New York University / Facebook

Sergey Levine

Jitendra Malik

Devi Parikh

University of Washington
University of California - Berkeley
Virginia Tech




Joseph J. Lim

Phillip Isola

Abhinav Gupta

Jianxiong Xiao

Ashutosh Saxena

UC Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon University
Princeton University
Cornell University

Program Committee

Contact Info

E-mail: oui AT

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